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Discover how you can differentiate from the competition and bring more dollars through your door. Talk to your sales rep today about our best sellers or get in touch with our customer service department to be guided in the right direction.



Our number one goal is to offer products that over deliver in value so you can have satisfied customers and more money in the bank. Our wine portfolio has that in spades. We represent wineries across the globe that have national acclaim but are still independent and family owned. Herein is their value...this allows them and therefore us to be nimble in our pricing, allowing you to have a better margin and more happy customers

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We represent iconic brands that have been around not only for decades but centuries. That's who we represent. We may not have the latest and greatest brewery from down the road but we have the oldest Germany brewery from the 1700s and the 18th craft brewery founded in the US (now there are 7000+ !). These breweries are icons; breweries you can trust in to get the job done day in and day out with good beer and happy customers. The value is there, it's yours for the taking.

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Craft cocktails are the name of the game and we provide some excellent brands that will make your cocktail selection unique and will level up your quality. From craft whiskey, vodka & amaro...we have a little bit of everything. These products are handcrafted by real people using real ingredients. That's something we can get behind and we hope you will too.

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DOPS, Inc was founded in 1984 by four friends. The name DOPS stands for each of the owners: Jeff Dieringer, Sr., Michael O'Marra, Carol Palmer and Les Sunderland. At the time of its founding, each of the owners were working at Forman Brothers (now RNDC) in management positions. Jeff Dieringer, Sr decided he wanted to do things differently and recruited the others to join him to start a new distributing company that focused only on premium brands that were family owned.


DOPS' first brand they ever carried was Joseph Phelps Vineyards, and it was their lone brand for two years. DOPS went on to build other prestigious brands such as Caymus, Duckhorn, Stags Leap & Beringer. DOPS was also the first to carry Samuel Adams outside of Boston.


DOPS has had long relationships with many of its suppliers today including Dry Creek Vineyard & Pedroncelli Winery which they began representing in 1986 & Chimay which they started selling in 1988.

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